2015 ISAF Sailing World Cup Miami

January 26-31, 2015

By Dave

Miami Day #1. Tough day on the water. Waited on the front to move through, met the front, and played in some great breeze 14-22 knots. Paid the price for not having sailed 470s for a while. A bit off our usual mental calibration, peppered with some boat issues that only breeze sailing could reveal. Great moments in both races with single-digit mark roundings, though we simply didn't capitalize well. Of course, no excuses....On to tomorrow!!

Miami Day #2. Another tough day. Just not firing on all cylinders. Looking forward to tomorrow!!

Miami Day #3. We just didn't have good "back 9's" today. Great starts. Race 1 we were first at the weather mark. Race 2 we were 3rd at the weather mark. Losses from there out in both races. Super tricky conditions, but no excuses. More tomorrow. Later start.

Miami Day #4. Again, just not our day. Reasonable first race but OCS'd. Did circles after the start in the second race. Had a bit of a comeback going, but to no avail. Final fleet races tomorrow.

Miami Day #5. Since the regatta hadn't been going too well, we had a bit of a regroup after Day #4. Nothing major, just a refocus on our normal components of success. But, alas, no racing on Day #5. AP ashore was followed by AP on the water, and ultimately no racing for the day. Our hope of a little piece of redemption on the final day will have to wait until the next regatta. After racing was called we stayed out for an hour-and-a-half to work on light air. Super productive. Of course....the breeze filled in. Today's plan is for training with our Austrian partners. Good breeze expected!